Updated Release of War: 13th Day, Dreamgazer’s Dark Fantasy Visual Novel

Dreamgazer has released an updated version of War: 13th Day, a dark fantasy game with psychological twists and romance. Get this English visual novel game free. Continue reading



War: 13th Day is an English visual novel and free otome. Are you having trouble reaching the True End? Get the official walkthrough for this dark fantasy game here. Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas: 6th Day – Ambrosia Plays Destiny Voyage

Ambrosia, protagonist of War: 13th Day and a central character in the Death Room, plays Destiny Voyage, an English otome/dating sim and visual novel. At first, she is excited about the journey, but she soon discovers that danger lurks in the form of storms, mysterious disappearances, and aggressive redheads named Eli. Continue reading