Updated Release of War: 13th Day, Dreamgazer’s Dark Fantasy Visual Novel

War: 13th Day

21 February, 2016 – Dreamgazer, the newest game developer on the English visual novel scene, has released an updated version of their freeware, War: 13th Day. This interactive story appeals to fans of epic fantasy and dark romance, such as Game of Thrones, Fate/Stay Night, and Amnesia. It serves as the introductory opening act to the series, X Playing Pieces.

In the game, the sun has magically disappeared from the world of Virgo Island. Players will hear the story of how it happened from an elegant lady of the Phoenix clan and a sassy warrioress of the Valkyrie clan. After hearing their version of events, the hunt for the truth begins.

In Choose Your Own Adventure fashion, players will make choices to investigate and uncover the true series of events.

CG for War: 13th Day, original English visual novel game and otome.

War: 13th Day

  • 20+ illustrations. Also known as computer graphics (CGs), several come with variations.
  • 1-3 hours of gameplay. The length depends on your reading speed and your ability to deduce the truth. An official walkthrough is available for those who are stuck.
  • Fantastic creatures. Each clan has origins in mythology and legend. There are no humans present in this visual novel.
  • Psychological plot twists. This is a story-rich game, where every character design and choice in background plays a point.
  • Empowered women. The all-female clan of the Valkyrie defies gender roles and takes on traditionally masculine positions.
  • Minor animations. Characters’ eyes will blink and their mouths will open when they speak.

Onyx in a CG of War: 13th Day, free English visual novel game and otome.

War: 13th Day is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is rated 14+ for sexual themes, mild violence, and blood. Download this visual novel free on itch.io here.


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