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My current project: War (X Playing Pieces)

For my full list of games, look here.  For more details, keep reading. To learn more about Dreamgazer, look here.


Header for War: Valentine Edition, otome game and English visual novel.Play it on here.
Also available on Game Jolt.

Genre: Romance, comedy, GxB
Rating: 13+
Summary: Choose your Valentine from the men of War (X Playing Pieces). Each date is like a box of chocolates – you’ll never know what you’ll get! Prepare for laughs, cute moments, and sweet romance in this dating simulation.

War: 13th day otome and English visual novel game.
Play it on here.
Also available on Game Jolt.

Genre: Dark fantasy, psychological, romance, GxB
Rating: 14+
Summary: How has the sun disappeared from Virgo Island?  Hear the story from an elegant lady and a sassy warrioress. Decide whether their tale ends in romance, heartbreak, or even murder. Uncover the truth behind your plight.

This interactive visual novel serves as the opening act to War (X Playing Pieces).

Play it on here.
Also available on Game Jolt.

Genre: Comedy
Rating: 13+
Summary: The world of hilarity is right at your fingertips. Full of fun costumes, flirting, and craziness, you never know just what to expect.

Death Room visual novel game
Play it on here.
Also available on Game Jolt.
Google Play Version

Genre: Suspense, Paranormal, optional BxG/GxB
Rating: 13+
Summary: You wake up in a room with four strangers. Weapons surround you. Can you escape alive?

Death Room Return, fangame of an English visual novel.Download it here.

Genre: Suspense, Paranormal
Rating: 13+
Summary: Katta developed this fangame as a Secret Santa present for Dreamgazer. The writing was done by Katta and Cith.  The GUI was by Anne.  The coding was by Katta.

Did you have fun? Are you stuck? Is there something you liked, and now, you want to see more? Let Dreamgazer know by sending a message on tumblr or through e-mail at [].


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