War (X Playing Pieces) in Production + A Surprise

Promo for War (X Playing Pieces), a free English otome and visual novel game.

It’s been said that men have gone to war because of a woman.

I’ve already announced it just about everywhere else, so it’s high time that I mentioned it on my blog here

Tentatively set for a 2016 winter release, War (X Playing Pieces) is a visual novel meant for lovers of dark fantasy and romance (a.k.a. otome).  If all goes according to schedule, the demo will be released late July.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Some of my work in progress:

Ambrosia of the Phoenix from War (X Playing Pieces), free English otome and visual novel game.

Arsenik of the Hulder CG from free English otome, War (X Playing Pieces).

You can catch some more on Twitter and Facebook.  Just pick your poison.

As for the surprise mentioned in the subject line…well, expect it in a few short hours.  You might have noticed that my Let’s Plays have been on hold.  The reason is because I’ve been working on this.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it.  Have a great summer, everybody.


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