Meet Arsenik of the Hulder (War)


War (X Playing Pieces) is an upcoming epic fantasy visual novel and GxB otome.  Currently, there’s an opportunity to win your dream Valentine date!  Learn more about it here.

Name: Arsenik
Clan: Hulder
Height: 6’2”

Arsenik says…

Charmed to meet you.  I am called Arsenik of the Hulder.

Q. Tell us about your clan.

By all means.  For generations, the Hulder have prided themselves on their intellect and wit.  If we can resolve matters through proper discourse, we will.  However, it’s rare for words to settle anything on Virgo Island, which is quite a shame.  Since we favor the use of our minds rather than our physical prowess, our enemies tend to view us in a rather unflattering light.

But I suppose that is the nature of opposition.  Since we stand against each other, our foes will hold us in the worst possible regard.  But I can understand.  It is difficult to remain unbiased when you know they have shed the blood of your brother, your father, your friend.   However, vengeance will only perpetuate an unending and vicious cycle.

On one end, I’m grateful to the Vi for having ended the bloodbath.  Ah, just don’t tell anyone I told you that.  My clan would surely have my head.  I have not forgotten the lives of my kin lost to the Vi, but at the very least, some good has been come from this terrible misfortune.

Q. Tell us about your love style.

My…love style?  Such an interesting request.  A gentleman must always defer to a lady’s wishes, so I will oblige her in all things.  She only needs to tell me her wish, and it would be my great joy to please her.

Q. What do the others think about Arsenik?

Chase from War, English otome game and visual novel.

Chase: I don’t even want to talk about him.  Just stay away from him.

Onyx sprite from War: 13th Day, a dark fantasy romance game (otome).

Onyx: Arsenik is a warrior of the Hulder.  He specializes in strategizing and long-range attacks.


Night: Hmm…I don’t really know him.

Wind from War, English visual novel and otome.

Wind: He can go die in a fire.

What do you think about Arsenik? 

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