WAR: 13th Day | Prologue to a Dark Fantasy Otome


RELEASE DATE: 01/01/16

This is the prologue to Ambrosia’s story.

The sun has disappeared from Virgo Island.  How did this happen?  And why?

Hear the story from Ambrosia, a healer from the Phoenix clan, or Wildfire, a wariorress from the Valkyrie clan.

Uncover the truth behind your plight. Learn more about their world and the clans that populate it.


-20+ CGs.promo4a

-A Whole New World. One of the first things you’ll learn about Virgo Island is the existence of a social hierarchy, dictated by clans full of fantastic creatures. Each group has their own customs, principles, and politics.

-Mind-Bending Twists. The further in you go, the less things make sense. Like Alice in Wonderland, you’re falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

-Story-Driven Romance. Rather than being route-oriented, this game focuses on the plot. Your two main objectives: 1) To figure out the truth and 2) To get back the sun. However, expect a good dose of love, lust, and passion along the way.



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