The Most Outrageous Choices in the Death Room


Are you?

If you’ve ever played the Death Room, you’ll soon discover that it’s a surprisingly long game.  How, you might ask?  After all, each playthrough is generally less than 25 minutes.

Well, try going through every choice and outcome in the game.  Believe me when I tell you there are over 600 choices, and a good bulk of them lead to brand new scenes.  Don’t forget that being male and female makes a difference.

So, to save you time and effort, I’m going to tell you what the most outrageous choices are in the game.  Because that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

And if you’ve never played the Death Room before, let me tell you.  You’re missing out on an awesome simulation game (better known as a choose-your-own-adventure or an English visual novel).  However, you can fix that by playing it here.   It won’t cost you a penny.

Now, let’s begin.  Keep in mind that spoilers lurk below.

    1. “Make funny faces.”screenshot5
      Required Gender: Male
      Get into a duel with Dev and make this choice.  Don’t wait.  Do it now!
    2. “Tickle her.”
      Required Gender: Male
      Get into a duel with Evie and you know what to do.  Steal her weapon.  Well, you can also tickle her, but do you know want to know what happens if you steal her weapon?


    3. “I don’t think Ambrosia did.”
      Required Gender: Male
      Get into a conversation with Dev and mention how you think using the weapons is the way out of this room.

      It might not seem like a wild choice but say that you don’t think Ambrosia used any of the weapons.  You’ll get to see her poking the wall with a knife.  That will totally make sense in context.

    4. “To stay alive, we might need to eat someone.”
      Required Gender: None – available for male and female
      That screenshot should tell you everything.
    5. “Foiled!  If it weren’t for you meddling kids…”
      Required Gender: None – available for male and female
      Another funny option is to “Laugh and laugh and laugh.”  Why?

      That’s why.

    6. The Love Room screenshot12The best and worst choice you’ll make in the whole game.  Find it in the extras.

Hope you enjoyed it!  If you aren’t sure how to get to some of these choices, just comment below or send me a message on Facebook

You can also keep an eye out for my next project there.  It may or may not feature some more outrageous choices.


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