Romance Walkthrough for the Death Room, a visual novel gameAmbrosia from the Death Room, a visual novel game

Welcome to the ROMANCE WALKTHROUGH for the Death Room, an English visual novel game full of suspense and thrills.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here.  With that out of the way, I’m going to tell you how to get the BxG and GxB scenes.

Interested?  Read on, but be forewarned.  There are spoilers in your midst.

Dev and You

Note: Make sure that you do NOT introduce yourself as a wizard ever.

Your First Kiss

When have the opportunity to chat with everyone, talk to Dev.  Make the following choices:

– “I’m really scared.”
– “I can’t help it.”
– “We’re alive but for how long?”
– “If we ever do.”
– “How should I think?”
– “If I’m going to die, I wish…”
– “I wish I knew what it was like to kiss a man.”
– “I want it from someone who makes my heart beat…like you.”

Afterwards, talk to Dominic.  Make the following choices:

– “I’m fine. What about you?”
– “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
– “I think I’m in love with you.”
– “Really?” or “Kiss him.”
– “Let’s do it” or “What should we do?” (If you make the second choice, then pick “If it’s for you.”)
– Any choice.
– Start a fight.
– Kill Ambrosia.

Get a Hug

– Talk to Dev.
– “I’m really scared.”
– Your eyes fill with tears.
– Run into his chest.

Ambrosia and You

Sweet Version

You must be the only two left in the room.  If you don’t know how, you can take a look at the main walkthrough here.

Once you’re alone, make the following choices:

– “Don’t talk like that.”
– “There is.”
– “I’ve always wanted a kiss with a pretty girl.”

The other two choices (“I don’t want to die, Ambrosia” and “Start crying”) can lead to here as well.  Just make sure you always say “I’ve always wanted a kiss with a pretty girl.”  If you decide to start crying and ask Ambrosia to kill you, do not say “Help me.  It really hurts.”

Dark Version

In the beginning:

– Pick up a sword or a pocket knife.
-Don’t hide your weapon.
-Attack back.

During the sleep/stay awake/kill everyone choice, choose to kill everyone.
-Use a machine gun.
-Aim at Dominic first.
-Drop the gun.
-Shoot him.
-Wait for Ambrosia to wake up.
-“Rise and shine.”
-“You really aren’t human, huh?”
-“Aren’t you sharp?”
-“I like you.”
– “Don’t you like me?”
– Kiss her.

Alternatively, instead of asking “Don’t you like me?”, you can choose to say “Are you scared?”  Then, make the following choices:

– “Well, I won’t be killing you.”
– “Not if you drink someone’s blood.”
– “Why?  They’re already dead.”
– “Let me go first” or “Cut Dev’s wrist.”
– “Give yourself to me then” or “Cut Dev’s wrist.”

Instead of “Well, I won’t be killing you,” you can also choose to say, “You might find my love worse than death.”  You’ll have an opportunity to kiss her (and creep her out) in both cases.

Surprise Kiss

In your “fight” with Ambrosia:
– Hold her down.
– Kiss her.

If you say “I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to do it,” Ambrosia will address you differently when you chat her up later.

If you choose either “She said I could do whatever I like” or “This might be my last chance to kiss a woman,” you will also receive a different response from her.

For another changed scene:
– Make sure you’re headed towards Ending 2, so act like a good guy.
– Survive Evie and Dominic’s attack by killing them.
– Wait for Ambrosia to ask whether you have any last requests.
– Say that you want a kiss.

Be Ambrosia’s Hero

  1. “All right.  Let’s duel.”
  2. “Guys versus girls.  Let’s go.”
  3. “How do you know this isn’t supposed to be a battle of the sexes?”

From there, get yourself to face off against Evie.  This can be after your “fight” with Ambrosia.

  1. Don’t pick up a weapon.
  2. Shield Ambrosia.

You’ll get an extra scene later.

Make Ambrosia Laugh

  1. “All right.  Let’s duel.”
  2. “She said it.  She wants to see who’s the strongest of us all.”
  3. Any choice.
  4. Wait for Dev to make a move.
  5. Make funny faces.
  6. “I’m trying to kill you with laughter.”
  7. “Knock, knock” or “Sing really badly.”

You’ll get an extra scene later.

Evie and You

On the fluff-o-meter, Evie ranks really, really low. She’s the kind of character who doesn’t fall fast and just can’t focus on anything other than the room.  All the same, here’s how you get your BxG tidbit.

In the beginning, pick up any weapon except for the poison.
– Do not hide it.
– Do not attack back.
– Do not say that you are a wizard during the introductory period.
– Talk to Evie later.

Dominic and You

Get His Love

This is by far the easiest. Just make sure that Evie is alive, so don’t pick up any weapon in the beginning and attack her back.  When you have the opportunity for it, talk to Dominic and choose the following options.

-“I’m fine. What about you?”
– “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
– “I think I’m in love with you.”
– “Really?” or “Kiss him.”
– “Let’s do it” or “What should we do?” (If you make the second choice, then pick “If it’s for you.”)
– Any choice.
– Sleep.

To make sure your plan with Dominic succeeds:

– Start crying.
– Kill Ambrosia.
– Any choice.
– Any choice.
– Any choice.
– “It’s time for me to die” or “Start crying.”
– Any choice.

Dominic will then kill himself for you.

If you pick “I can’t let you die, but if I do, my family will fall apart!” after saying “It’s time for me to die,” you’ll have a choice to A) Kill him or B) Kill yourself.

Make-Out Session

Wait for Dominic to come talk to you.  Then, make these choices:

– “Definitely.  Have a way to fix that?”
– “Let’s make out.”

For More Romance…

Sadly, there aren’t any happy endings here.  The extras have the most lighthearted bits.  However, if you’re looking for more romance, keep an eye out for my next project on Facebook.  And if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at or comment below.


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