Walkthrough for the Death Room, a Thrilling Visual Novel


Chibi Ambrosia of the Phoenix | Death Room

Hello there!  This is the official walkthrough for the Death Room, an English visual novel that focuses on suspense and the paranormal world.  If you haven’t heard of it before, look no further.  Play it here.

Now, it’s time to move onto the main course.  Bear in mind that the further you go, the more spoilers there are.  You have been warned.

Your 2 Main Outcomes

1) You live.
2) You die.

However, each choice in the game results in a variation or adds an extra scene.  Some of those scenes are BxG or GxB flavored.

If you’re looking exclusively for romance, check out my ROMANCE WALKTHROUGH here.  For more details on how the other choices affect the game, keep on reading.

Male vs Female

Shortly after the game starts, you have a choice of being male or female.  This actually makes a huge difference in the gameplay, especially if you choose to take a closer look at someone.  The characters will treat you differently depending on your gender.  (All except for Dev.  He doesn’t really care whether you’re a boy or a girl.  Not usually, anyway.)

Here’s an example.  Let’s say you just announced that you’re from nobility.  Dominic replies, “Never would have guessed that.”  Then, you choose the option: “That’s what everyone tells me.”  Dominic’s response?

Death Room Screen 1 ex3

In accordance with the change in dialogue, you will, more often than not, receive brand new choices to make, which can lead to new scenes.

6 Main Endings

  1. Kill everyone.
    -To be most successful, use a grenade and then kill Dev.  Don’t keep talking to him.  That’s Villain 101.
    -If you decide to use the other weapons, aim to get rid of Ambrosia or Dominic first.
    -It’ll also be a big help if Evie’s dead.  (In the beginning, pick up a weapon that isn’t the gun or the poison, don’t hide it, and attack back.)  Otherwise, she’ll kill you more often than not.
  2. Dominic and Evie work together to eliminate Dev, which they blame on you.
    -Don’t kill anyone.
    -Don’t get Dominic mad (more on that later),
    -Don’t get Evie mad  (more on that later as well).
    -Don’t say that you’re a wizard.
    -To get out of this alive, kill them. You can talk to them for a while, but after Ambrosia says that she can’t hold on much longer, you can only choose one more dialogue choice before you have to kill them.

    When it’s just you and Ambrosia, you can basically a) Kill yourself or b) Wait for Ambrosia to die.

    If you go with option B, you can a) Destroy her body or b) Leave her alone.   One spells your victory and the other, your demise.

  3. Work together with Dominic.
    Note: Evie must be alive.  No picking up a weapon and attacking her back in the beginning.

    When you have the opportunity, talk to Dominic. If you’re a male and he doesn’t find you suspicious, make these choices:
    -“Nothing really.  What about you?”
    -“I think we have to kill each other.”
    -“If it’s necessary, I can.”
    -“I’m just being honest.”
    -“I want your help.”

    If you’re a male and Dominic finds you suspicious (which I’ll go into more detail later), make these choices:
    -“I was thinking about what our captor wanted.”
    -“Yeah.  We probably have to kill each other.”
    -“I was going to suggest working together but suit yourself.”

    You can work together to A) Kill Evie and Dev or B) Use grenades.

    With Option A, you’ll be alone with Ambrosia. Ultimately, Ambrosia will be on the brink of death. From there, you’ll have to fight with Dev. To win, fight with cheap shots. Then, you can kill yourself or wait for Ambrosia to die. (Like before, you’ll have a choice of destroying her body or leaving her alone.)

    With Option B, use a gun to kill Dominic or you’re dead.

    If you’re a female, you make the same choices as the romance ones.
    – “I’m fine.  What about you?”
    – “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
    – “I think I’m in love with you.”

    You’re more likely to survive if you start crying in front of Ambrosia, but once you’re in this path, you won’t be able to win the Death Room.

  4. Work together with Evie.
    – Don’t say you’re a wizard.
    – Don’t get her suspicious of you.  (More on that later.)  To be safe, don’t look at her in the beginning.  If she mentions the mafia game at any point, she doesn’t trust you.
    – Talk to her when you have the chance.

    – “I have an idea.”
    – “We have to kill everyone.”
    – “Yeah.  Let’s work together.”

    – “I came up with an idea.”
    – “I think we have to kill everyone.”
    – “Your help.”

  5. Dominic tries to bomb everyone.
    Make these choices in the beginning:
    – Get up.
    – Pick up a weapon.
    – Any choice.
    -Don’t hide your weapon.
    -Any choice.

    Don’t choose to kill everyone and you’ll get here.

    When given a choice of sleeping, staying awake, or killing everyone, make sure you sleep. If you decide to aim at Dominic’s leg and then tackle him, you will only succeed in killing him if you had enough sleep the night before.  Trying to knock him unconscious will always fail.  This is the Death Room.  Not the Unconscious Room.  Or the Love Room.

  6. Find Dev suspicious.
    This is only available when you’re female. Don’t introduce yourself as a wizard. Evie will later ask whether she can tell you a secret. Make the following choices:
    – “Sure.”
    – “You really think so?” or “Why do you think that?”
    – “What should we do about him?” or “Let’s say it was him.  What then?”
    – “All right.  How do we do it?”

Dev Variations

Dev Hanshin of Death Room, an English visual novel game

“I don’t plan on killing any human beings.”

Get on Dev’s Blacklist

As I said before, Dev doesn’t really care if you’re male or female.  This is the only thing that gets his goat.  Talk to him after introductions are over.  Make these choices:

– “Why do you think we’re here?”
– “I might have an idea.”
– “We have to kill each other.”
– “Did you see the weapons?”
– “I think our captor will see it and let that person out.”

– “Can I tell you something?”
– “I think I know how to get out of this room.”
– “We have to kill each other.”
– “What if it isn’t?” or “So, you wouldn’t be able to do it.”
– If you went with the second choice before: “Have to look out for number one.”

Wizard Magic

You can use magic!  But only if you:
a) Introduce yourself as a wizard.
b) Say that you have either “Dark magic” or “Elemental.”

– When you act like a villain, Dev is now much more likely to kill you.
-If you kill everyone, Dev will also treat you differently then.
-Evie and Dominic will kill you on the following day.  So, if you want to live, you’ll really have to kill everyone.
-If you talk to Evie after introductions are over, you’ll receive a different response.
-Speaking with Ambrosia after talking to Evie will also give you a slightly different greeting.

Dominic Variations

Dominic Eld of Death Room, an English visual novel game

“I’m the amazing Dominic Eld – the best male species ever!”

Mean Dominic

By choosing the following choices as a male, Dominic will treat you more hostilely.  If you don’t choose to kill everyone when prompted, he will kill you on the following day.

  1. Get up.
  2. Take a closer look at someone.
  3. The blue man
  4. “Let’s put that down and talk civilly.”
  5. “Good point.  Let me just pick up a knife and we’ll be even.”
  6. “You want to fight?  I’ll take you” or “Oh, so I should just let you have the upper hand?”

If you choose the third choice (“No one’s trying to start anything”), you can also get Mean Dominic by choosing the following:

  1. “Says the person with the dagger.”
  2. “Am I that intimidating to you?” or “Right.  Because I was totally about to beat you with my bare fists.”

Evie Variations

Evie Olive of Death Room, an English visual novel game

“A girl has to learn how to defend herself.”

Confused Evie

– Look at the weapons.
– Don’t look near anybody.
– Look at the gun specifically.
– Share what you found.

If you choose “NOOOO!” and later introduce yourself as a soldier, you’ll get a different set of responses.

If you go with “Say what?” or “Okay, very funny.  Now, stop pulling my leg” after the NOOO choice, introduce yourself as a wizard.  The dialogue will be slightly different.

Suspicious Evie

Like Dominic, there are choices that will make Evie meaner to you as a male.  Instead of taking a closer look at the males, approach the females.  Then, go with:

  1. The white-haired girl
  2. “She’s crazy.  I didn’t bring any of you here!” or “No, hey, she brought us here!”

If you went with the third choice (“Will all of you calm down?  This is a misunderstanding.”), you can still get Mean Evie by then choosing to say: “I went to check on her, and she started screaming like a tone-deaf banshee.” 

Alternatively, you can get Suspicious Evie by making the following choices:

  1. “I woke up and just wanted to see if she was all right.”
  2. “She was the closest person to me, honestly.”

If you picked the second choice earlier (“No, hey, she brought us here!”), you can calm Evie down by saying to Ambrosia, “Why do you talk like an elf from a fantasy novel?”  The reason being that you made Evie laugh and all is well in the world again.

Ambrosia Variations

Ambrosia of Death Room, an English visual novel game

“Hopefully, tomorrow will see a reversal of our fortunes.”

Ambrosia Pricks Her Finger

Look at the weapons near Ambrosia.

  1. Stay silent.
  2. “I guess.”
  3. Any choice.

Your added scene (with more dialogue choices) will appear shortly afterwards.

If you’re a male, you can get an extra scene.  Later on, choose:

  1. “All right. Let’s duel.”
  2. “She said it.  She wants to see who’s the strongest of us all.”

Make any choice.  You can win or lose your fight with Dev.  Just make sure you enter your fight with Dominic, so don’t let him off the hook if he asks. In your fight with him:

  1. Wait for him to make a move.
  2. “You can use a weapon if you want.”
  3. “Go ahead.  I don’t like using weapons.”
  4. “It’s too dangerous.”
  5. Any choice.

Instead of fighting Dominic, a slightly different scene will play.

Get Ambrosia to Leave You Alone

Make sure everyone has introduced themselves.  Then, choose to look at the weapons near Ambrosia.

  1. Stay silent.
  2. Say nothing.
  3. “Will you stop bugging me?”

Afterwards, Ambrosia will keep her distance from you when you choose “Talk to no one.”

Surprise Kiss

Male only.

In your “fight” with Ambrosia:
– Hold her down.
– Kiss her.

If you say “I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to do it,” Ambrosia will address you differently when you chat her up later.

If you choose either “She said I could do whatever I like” or “This might be my last chance to kiss a woman,” you will also receive a different response from her.

For another changed scene:
– Make sure you’re headed towards Ending 2, so act like a good guy.
– Survive Evie and Dominic’s attack by killing them.
– Wait for Ambrosia to ask whether you have any last requests.
– Say that you want a kiss.

Be Ambrosia’s Hero

Male only.

  1. “All right.  Let’s duel.”
  2. “Guys versus girls.  Let’s go.”
  3. “How do you know this isn’t supposed to be a battle of the sexes?”

From there, get yourself to face off against Evie.  This can be after your “fight” with Ambrosia.

  1. Don’t pick up a weapon.
  2. Shield Ambrosia.

You’ll get an extra scene later.

Make Ambrosia Laugh

Male only.

  1. “All right.  Let’s duel.”
  2. “She said it.  She wants to see who’s the strongest of us all.”
  3. Any choice.
  4. Wait for Dev to make a move.
  5. Make funny faces.
  6. “I’m trying to kill you with laughter.”
  7. “Knock, knock” or “Sing really badly.”

You’ll get an extra scene later, full of BxG overtones.


Female only.

Choose to look at the weapons near Ambrosia, an option which usually becomes available as long as everyone has introduced themselves.  (For instance, take a look at the boy with the tattoo or the white-haired girl.)   Then, make the following choices:

  1. “What’s wrong with you?”
  2. “I’m guessing you never used a weapon before.”
  3. “I’m just like you.”
  4. “All right.  Let’s duel.”
  5. “This is clearly the arena, and we’re the gladiators.”
  6. Any choice.  (If you go with the first choice, don’t say “That doesn’t mean you have to like it” or “Well, you’re going first.  Choose your opponent.”)

When you face Evie, make these choices.

  1. Pick up a blade.
  2. Move back.
  3. Kick it back.
  4. Duck it and hit her stomach with the hilt of your blade.

When you face Ambrosia, choose “Hold her down.”  You’ll receive a different set of choices than usual.

Any Questions? Ask Dreamgazer.

There are other tiny variations, but these are the main ones for the Death Room.  If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can comment below with any questions or opinions. I would love to hear your thoughts!

You can also e-mail me at askdreamgazer@gmail.com or send me a message on Facebook.  I’m always happy to talk.


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